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  • OEM system integration sound processor perfect for OEM factory speaker tuning
  • Built-in 4.2 lossless Bluetooth & SQ player
  • Built-in USB port to support MP3 lossless audio file
  • 64-bit DSP with floating point processing technology
  • 2CH low and/or 4Ch high-level inputs, 8ch low outputs
  • 8 channel infinitely adjustable digitally processed channels
  • High Resolution Music signal from USB source
  • Sources: Bluetooth audio, high-level input (head unit signal), Stereo RCA analog inputs (aftermarket head unit signal) Built-in 4x75w amplifier with infinitely adjustable digitally processed channels
  • 31 bands of independent equalization per channel
  • Real time parametric and graphic equalizer
  • Frequency range 20Hz � 20KHz, 1Hz steps
  • Adjustable Gain: -12.0dB � + 12.0Db for all 31 bands
  • High pass, low pass and bandpass, independent filters per channel
  • Infinite filter crossover points between 20Hz � 20KHz
  • Crossover filter slopes selectable at: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB, 48dB
  • Up to 20ms/692ms of variable time delay per channel
  • 0 deg. Or 180 deg. Direct phase adjustment per channel
  • Complete system control through smartphone app connection or Advanced tuning capability when connected to your PC
  • IOS and android compatible app
  • 6 tuning preset memory
  • Compatible size design for easy installation

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